6weeks Pregnant.. spotting and freaking out.?

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  • 6weeks Pregnant.. spotting and freaking out.?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 02:06
Girl, please relax!! You are doing more harm stressing about it, remember, the placenta carries your stress hormones through, so meditate or do some yoga! This is probably implantation bleeding, if it is brown then it is old blood, red is new blood. 25 percent of all pregnant women will notice this bleeding. Normally it is four days before your period that implantation occurs but seeing as most of this was brown blood, with exception of the tiny red blood, it should have been old blood from the implantation. I find it strange that you arent cramping, most women cramp in the early weeks due to stretching of the uterus. This often feels like you are about to start your period and is a sign that the baby is growing as it should, i would be more worried by the lack of cramping!! Either way, go see an obgyn as soon as you can but you shouldnt stress out about it too much, good luck!
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Answer #2 | 29/12 2013 02:15
Pregnancy works in mysterious ways and there is no way to tell what is going on with you, just by the spotting. Spotting can be normal during pregnancy and abnormal. Schedule you an appointment with a doctor and they will do an ultrasound to see what is going on. If you can't wait that long, go to the ER. They will do the same things there, if not more and it's quicker to get in. Experience: With my second, I bled at 5 weeks with small clots and heavy as a period for 2 days. It then stopped and I went to the doctor to find that his placenta had torn from my uterus and reattached itself back. He is now almost 3. Recently, I was 9 weeks pregnant when I began spotting light pink/brown, which is said to be normal. I wasn't cramping or in any pain. The spotting had lasted a week before I went to the ER at 10 weeks. That's when I found out that it had stopped developing at "5 weeks" and I had no symptoms at all of a miscarriage. The actual miscarriage did not happen until I was 11 weeks. That's when I found that the ultrasound was way off and it looked to be 8 or 9 weeks. This is why I say that there is no way to know what is going on with pregnancy by the symptoms. Go get checked out. I hope it is nothing because spotting and bleeding is common and can be normal. Good Luck!
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Answer #3 | 29/12 2013 02:28
This is NOT implantation bleeding like another answer suggested. Implantation occurs before a positive pregnancy test is possible. It's impossible to implant after a true positive test. Anyway you don't need to go to the er as there is nothing they can do. Instead you should wait for the bleeding to stop and take another pregnancy test. Personally I have experienced this myself and the end result wasn't good, I miscarried at 6 weeks. But that doesn't mean you will. As I said wait it out and repeat your test. Good luck
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