5 most important changes in Europe from Martin Luther?

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  • 5 most important changes in Europe from Martin Luther?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 12:37
A good question. I can think of three. 1. At the time immediately before the Reformation large amounts of money were being sent to support the Roman Catholic Church and drained out of other parts of Europe. Protestant areas stopped sending the money to Rome. 2. Of courts the establishment of Protestantism an general which meant new religions (including other Protestant denominations) beside Lutheranism. 3. Calvinism taught that each man's work is a calling from God and we should embrace our work and do it as best we can and with a religious commitment. This is the basis of the Protestant Ethic which some consider the basis of capitalism. (It was first articulated by Max Weber in "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism). 4. Luther's theology includes "The Universal Priesthood of All Believers." This ultimately evolved into religious freedom although it took a while. However, it was possible to move to a place where your religious beliefs would be respected. Most early protestants did not accord religious freedom within their own boundaries. 5. Luther taught that all men can equally well understand the Bible. This created an emphasis on reading the Bible by individuals when led to education. The purpose of the education was to enable all to be able to read the Bible. This led to the Sunday School movement and ultimately to public schools. These are off the top of my heard but I hope they help you.
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