3x Entries to Win $3,000,000.00 +50,000.00 Cash /Dream Home!

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  • 3x Entries to Win $3,000,000.00 +50,000.00 Cash /Dream Home!


Ernest mcwilliams | 21/05 2018 22:28
Good afternoon pch.. I would like to claim my 3x entries for my$3,000,000.00 Dreamhouse including big cash of $50,000.00 and also $500.00 a week would become a blessing..As usual pch I feel lucky and blessed so by the grace of God and luck thanks to pch sweepstakes soon prize patrol will be showing up to see me,,god bless you pch good luck every one
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Sandy Graziani | 18/06 2018 22:01
Omg!!!!would love to own my million home are billion I want all 3x entries win 3,000,000,00and 50,000,00 my dream home i want out of here in the worst way , I can't TAKE another minute here,help me PLEASE!I want my life back. I want to live and be free gotta get out here, there no life for me here cry everyday!just not happy anymore,
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Sandy Graziani | 18/06 2018 22:02
Why can't get my keno to WORK it keeps holding me started at 2 and and ERROR how am suppose win million can't get going
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