2x entries for $50,000.00 cash prize pch

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  • 2x entries for $50,000.00 cash prize pch


Anonymous949728 | 26/01 2018 11:34
I am a disabled Vet, and I would like to claim, and activate my VIP Wlite Number to win $5,000.00 a week forever so I can pay off all of my bills, and help my family, and buy a home, and give to the St. Jude's Research Center, and to help all other disabled vet's along with all other vets get off the streets for 1/3 of the homeless are vet's.
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Anonymous974380 | 12/03 2018 01:05
Win big
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Jonathan De Jear | 11/03 2018 21:19
Dear Publisher clearing house I' m Mr. De Jear, playing on giveaway # 8035- 11002 for 2X 50,000 because of my older sister has been begging me go to Canada visit my older sister out in there near the future by April 17th, 2018 to Win! then I'll pack my stuff go into a Am trak go across the Border Canada a tickets are EXPENSIVE!, let my older sister getting SURPRISE of me ARRIVAL out in there near the future!
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ALYCE ABBATELLO | 24/01 2018 04:54
Yes I claim my 2x entries for 50,000 cash prize Pch. 23 January 2018 today AJA Thanks
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Anonymous560969 | 24/01 2018 06:28
A sweepstakes participant could win $5,OOO.OO A Week "Forever" from PCH Gwy. No. 88OO on February 23rd, 2018! A win "Forever" the lucky participant will receive $5,OOO.OO a week for life! Then, payments would continue on for the life of a beneficiary of the original winners choosing! This legacy-making prize would change someone's life "FOREVER"! I want to win it all so I accept and claim this super prize to - right now! Thank you!
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Barry McCoy | 08/05 2018 20:39
2 entry to win 50000 please activates my entries
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Anonymous808939 | 09/05 2018 19:30
What question
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Nathaniel Hutley | 08/05 2018 21:39
I want to claim the 2x the entries for $50,000.00 cash prize from PCH prize patrol, I would like to enter for 1 million dollars plus more $1,000.00 a week for every and a Ford Explorer plus the $50,000.00 all from PCH prize patrol thank you. [email protected] Please come to see me soon. Thanks Nate
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[email protected] | 08/05 2018 20:16
I want to Win the 2x $50,000.00 .waiting patiently to hear from PCH
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wanda box | 08/05 2018 15:54
i want to claim 2x entries for to win $50,000.00 cash prize
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Anonymous560969 | 24/01 2018 06:31
PS: to the Anonymus560969 below... My initials are WTD and I reside in Kelso WA! THANK YOU!!!
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