2009 bmw no electrical power and wont start?

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  • 2009 bmw no electrical power and wont start?


Answer #1 | 13/12 2013 17:25
Check your battery terminals and cables. Make sure they are clean and free of corrosion and tightened properly. Check both ends. If that doesn't work, have your charging system checked. Most major auto parts stores will do it for free. This will check the alternator and battery.
Answer #2 | 13/12 2013 18:32
Check for corrosion or black dust around or in the contact terminals for the battery. BMW used to have corrosion issues on electrical contacts and connections, although I haven't seen this issue after the 2006 refresh. Did you try replacing the battery? The battery could be bad and just needs to be replaced (they do go bad eventually). If that's not it, it could be a damaged cable or the charging system (alternator) is not working. Another thing worth checking is the fuse box (one is located in the engine compartment, the other is under the driver side dash board (near the hood release). Like the other user said, most dealerships, repair shops, and even car parts shops (like O'Reily's, Napa, Car Quest, etc.) will test the starter system for free.
Answer #3 | 15/12 2013 17:27
that Ramon sure is a character isn't he. The problem is in your ignition switch.

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