2003 hyundai sonata steering?

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  • 2003 hyundai sonata steering?


Answer #1 | 02/12 2013 15:25
thats easy. your drive belt snapped off. the smell and smoke was most likely the belt slipping and burning on a seized pulley before it broke causing you to lose power steering.
Answer #2 | 02/12 2013 19:39
When the alternators fail, they produce the high plastic burning smell every time. Have your charging system checked and make sure they run the engine for about 15-20 minutes to experience the smell that comes from the alternator. It is possible that the alternator has failed and ruined your serpentine belt which is causing you lack of power steering. Occasionally the power steering lines corrode and eventually fail causing a fluid leak. You will find some fluid on the ground, red in colour if this happens. Check your power steering fluid reservoir level as well. It should be at least at the low cold level. First impression is the alternator for the smell. Sometimes the radio will act up as well. Another problem is the harmonic balancer outer ring can separate causing the serpentine belt to come off. This happens only on the 2.7 liter engine and can damage the engine cover. Have this checked as well Hope this helps you.

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