2003 Alfa sump cross threaded?

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  • 2003 Alfa sump cross threaded?


Answer #1 | 27/06 2013 11:36
I would get it out of ATS quick smart before they b*gger it up some more. These monkeys at fast fit centres are NOT mechanics and should not be trusted with anything more than a kiddies pedal car. You may be able to get e refund on the bill if your lawyer is better than theirs in court, but frankly I wouldn't bother. Chalk it up to experience and find a decent local mechanic.
Answer #2 | 28/06 2013 16:52
Them missing the exhaust leak and frayed brake cable was bad, but not their cause, so you can't get anything out of them for that. The cross threaded plug is the only thing you can charge them for. But I would not bother, because the only way to get anything out of them would be to have them fix it, and clearly you do not want ATS to every work on your car again, if you are smart. You have several options. They sell rubber balloon type oil plugs that are reliable and seal well, even in a bad hole. But you could also install one of those quick drains, that never has to be removed again, and it may be able to hold if the metal is not too badly damaged. If the pan is steel, it could be welded and rethreaded. If the pan is cast allow, then I would suggest taking it off and have a machine shop install a helicoil insert, to restore reliable threads.

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