1994 ford bronco lift, 1.5 coil vs anything else?

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  • 1994 ford bronco lift, 1.5 coil vs anything else?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 16:43
You're probably getting some rubbing with 33's on a stock height 96 Bronco. The cheapest way would be a small body lift. The correct way (and most expensive way) would be to get a 4 inch suspension lift. Alternatively you can just get some smaller tires, 31's will fit without rubbing and won't had an adverse effect of on the gearing. "My truck seems to be level as far as I can tell so would it give the front a higher raise than the back? " Yes " or is there a way to lift both with the coil springs?" Seeing how the rear suspension uses leaf springs... No.
Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 12:42
You should look into trying to get an add a leaf for the rear leaf springs. You should be able to find something around inch and a half. Would level the truck with the new front springs easy install. I did that with a 96 ranger same type of ttb axel as your bronco. Looked great when done. Had a little lift without all the problems of a 3-4 inch lift. Your still retaining a lot of the factory geometry. Your not gonna need longer brake line ect with that small of lift. I would check your shock travel though. Check out a company called bronco graveyard. There out of michigan. You may need a double eccentric camber bushing to align the front.

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