1988 toyota 4x4 no 12volts to injectors?

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  • 1988 toyota 4x4 no 12volts to injectors?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 09:34
supporting " liverhuyen2003" any codes? does your fuel pump run? --------- specs, 15 amp EFI fuse and relay, 7.5 amp ign fuse, ign switch itself, AM2 30 amp fusible link-connector box-rt front engine bay, soleniod resister to body ground-9-14 volts on the ecu, terminal #10 to E/01(ground) and #20 to E/02(ground) 9-14 volts. key on. don't leave the key in the on position very long. do what you have to do and turn it off.
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Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 08:53
22RE Engine ? Solenoid resistor, EFI relay and EFI fuses are the easiest and primary things to check when starting a no power to injectors. If you've done that... then check the ECU output wire: Look at the wiring diagram and check the ECU output to the injectors, it could very well be harness related. Eliminate everything else being suggested, first, then start considering that you might have a bad or no connection in your loom. However, even before that, verify that you are surely have spark when trying to fire it over. After you have power to the injectors then verify that none of the injectors are sticking. You can check injector with a noid light. It's a useful tool.Just in case you've had the plenum off, etc. for some reason... couldn't hurt to check the intake ground to the top/left stud on the plenum mounting surface. No insult meant...I'm just pointing out what would stop you from having a completed circuit. Hope it help.
Answer #3 | 19/12 2013 20:33
Are you talking about a diesel engine powered Toyota? The ECM provides power to the injectors with inputs from camshaft and engine speeds and engine temperature and fuel pressure. The "Run" circuit is controlled by the ignition switch, engine fuses and relays.
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