1986 Porsche Turbo problem at 100mph!?

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  • 1986 Porsche Turbo problem at 100mph!?


Answer #1 | 11/11 2013 04:34
Hi Tyler Now get real here what do you expect from this now 27 year old car not any longer maintained by porsche as it had a working life of 10 years at the outside. when serviced by porsche and maintained by them. it is a very worn out old icon not a new one so it will have many issues. sad to say it may even be only really fit to be just looked at a car show for old cars.
Answer #2 | 11/11 2013 18:35
For all things Porsche, you should consult It is near impossible to diagnose a car sight unseen. As someone already mentioned, your car is reaching towards its 30's. Well past the work life of many of its components. You don't mention the mileage but no matter. Age is age at this point. I've only owned Porsche 928S4's which have some similarities but I've never experienced anything remotely like what you've described. So, first, check your fuel system. If you haven't replaced the fuel pump and every hose into the engine, it's time to do it...or risk losing your car to fire. Second, check the drivetrain. Probably going to have to get the car on a lift to do so. If you want to look into your ECU, find someone with the same model/year car to swap with. A lot of 928 guys have replaced the entire engine/wiring harness at this stage too.
Answer #3 | 12/11 2013 08:35
You need to give the car a complete service! It could just be you are in the wrong gear and need to up-shift. It could be just a need for new plugs and wires.

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