$1000 gaming computer budget, some questions?

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  • $1000 gaming computer budget, some questions?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 13:28
You need to be more realistic about what you want and price. What you have here are three high end components, all would be good for the purpose and it's similar to my build, I used Asus gtx 760 cards though instead which are slightly better for the same cost and look good with the rog motherboard. The issue is that you haven't bought anything else, you would need to get a case for airflow etc (I recommend the coolermaster hd series. Ie hafxm) plus $120, you would wan t about 8GB ram, and since you have a I edition cpu you would want something with decent speed so you could overclock it, so another atleast $100. You also kinda need to power it so a $150 psu. For storage you would want much the same drive as you have said go storage options in PC parts picker and scroll down until you see that stats you want. Also, I rule of thumb I use is that if you can't afford an SSD boot drive in a custom build you doin it wrong, another $120. If you realy want to overclock it you would also need an aftermarket cooler/custom waterloop. What I would do is go to your local computer geek shop, take in you budget, what parts you want, some of your suggestions, and see about getting a price for the whole system worth of parts and the best ones for your situation, then if you realy want to build it do so, or she'll out the hundred bucks to get them to do it. This is atleast an extra $500 ontop of what you have said, and if you realy wanted those kinds of graphics you would want to add another gtx760 in sli mode (get the Asus direct cu II version it's worth it) and then keep them cool enough to not throttle, without them sounding like you put two hair dryers in your case and left them running. What you are after could easily cost 2 or 3 thousand dollars. But my recommendation is to get at you can now because it is more expensive to upgrade later.
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