05 GLI 1.8T for $5500..?

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  • 05 GLI 1.8T for $5500..?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 23:50
The price does seem low to me as well. Maybe because of the tip-tronic transmission (automatic) but I would still would go look and drive it. VW's straight automatic transmissions can have selenoid issues but the tip-tronic ones do alright when maintained. One thing with the 1.8t engine that needs to be addressed before you buy it from this guy or anyone else. That would be the timing belt! It's something that needs to be changed around 90k and is a big job. Do your homework on this because if the timing breaks while the engine is running, it will do damage to the top end if the engine. A decent timing belt kit for this engine runs around three hundred dollars and takes 4 to 7 hours to change. Another weak point of that engine is the oil or lack of. If previous owners ran straight fossil oil, there is a good chance the pick-up tube is clogged. A clogged pick-up tube will lead to lower oil pressure. Any valve tap at all when the engine is running, walk away and do not buy the car. If it run's smooth with no top end noise (valve tap), then the first thing I would do is have the oil changed. Run synthetic oil in this engine! The oil pick-up tube is cheap and rather easy to replace. If the timing belt is done and the rest of the car is in decent condition I would buy the car. This generation of Jetta is my favorite though I will only drive a manual or DSG transmission. GLI's can bring close to ten grand in my area...There are tons of things you can do to this car and engine that will bring a smile to your face as you drive. Even the stock stereo isn't bad sans an aux-in port.
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