Why is my reef octupus 110 protein skimmer not producing bubbles well not fine bubbles?

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  • Why is my reef octupus 110 protein skimmer not producing bubbles well not fine bubbles?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 11:42
1. there's usually up to three adjustments on a skimmer and it can take time to learn how to adjust it properly 2. a new skimmer (or one recently cleaned) will not work properly for a few hours, to as much as a week or two 3. skimmers react to many things, including feeding, chemical additions, etc. again, adjusting can take some time to figure out. edit: I've looked up the skimmer and although I can't confirm the adjustments because there's many types of this skimmer, they all will have an adjustment for water flow and/or one for water column height and one or two that change the amount of air injected to the column. generally you open the air flow up all the way, then close it about halfway and then adjust the column water height (or water flow, depends on the skimmer) to gather foam an inch or so below the overflow point. In time this level can be adjusted so that dry foam overflows to the collection cup. but it's pointless to try to get this right on either a new tank, or on a tank that just received a major maintenance or water change. It takes time to settle down.
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Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 08:40
You do have it set up on a salt water tank and not in fresh water ? If in fresh water it wont produce Bubbles . what is your exact tank set up?
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