why did Samuel F. B. Morse invented the teleghaph and morse code???

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  • why did Samuel F. B. Morse invented the teleghaph and morse code???


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 20:29
Before the Telephone, and before the Telegraph, information went from town to town by people on horses or by sailing ship. It was very slow. The invention of the Telegraph allowed near instant communication with far away locations. It was a simple system however and sound could not be transmitted over the lines. So Morse code was used to "write" the words.
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Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 21:13
Because communication by horse was so slow, his wife died and was buried before he got the message that she was ill.
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Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 01:11
He had nothing better to do ,I guess.
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Answer #4 | 21/12 2013 03:47
Only sound, not speech, could be trsnsmitted along a Telegraph line, so a "sound alphabet was needed to spell out the messages. When Radio was invented, sound still had a far greater range than speech, so the Morse Code was used there too. It could be used over extreme visual range using a flashing light, and over short range using a hand flag. ( And at a party, using thumb and forefinger !)
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Samuel F. B. Morse was an accomplished portrait painter before he became the inventor of the telegraph and Morse Code. Learn more at
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