Why did Paul Pesco leave Live at Daryl's House?

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  • Why did Paul Pesco leave Live at Daryl's House?


anonymous | 19/07 2014 00:04
Because it's "Live at Dary's House", and he acted like it was "Live with Paul, and maybe Daryl". Attitude. That's what cost him this gig. New guitarist is great. Enjoy the show again.
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anonymous | 04/09 2014 05:58
wish the anonymous could sign this. if atitude made paul lose the gig, courage makes him a big man for the entire life he still have to live. same courage can't be find in some other individuals, specially the ones that hide himself behind "anonymous" comments. Show your face! To give your opinion about something you were not there to know was too easy.
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Kimberly Springfield | 10/09 2014 00:11
I do not know, I adored him, think he was an excellent musician, great vocals.....didn't see that, certainly Daryl is so amazing that it should have not been a problem....they were great together.....Paul was a very talented individual...I realize some parts are edited....but I just don't understand.....If we cannot get along in the are we going to get along all over the world....? Besides, we all have something to teach each other.......maybe they just needed a little more time..... Sad....I loved them together.....Really.....Some of us have so much passion, perhaps we are misunderstood.....maybe Paul just had extra energy, due to his passion, his happiness in that spot......didn't see anything negative with him.....just sayin
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