Which race do you find to be the most attractive? Why?

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  • Which race do you find to be the most attractive? Why?


Answer #1 | 24/05 2017 17:46
I'll be honesy when I say I mainly only find white men to be attractive. I find their facial features to be more appealing. But I can see why someone would find another race tk be more attractive, but I prefer to mate with white men
Positive: 55 %
Answer #2 | 24/05 2017 18:01
Latinas. All the colors you need. Great girls
Positive: 49 %
Answer #3 | 24/05 2017 18:00
Asian & black women the are great lovers
Positive: 29 %
Answer #4 | 24/05 2017 17:59
Americans White and Black American woman are some fittest women I've seen Swedish are second.
Positive: 10 %
Answer #5 | 24/05 2017 17:48
White and Latin (and I mean Latin as in the white/tanned ones not the ethnic ones)
Positive: 10 %
Answer #6 | 24/05 2017 17:50
Hispanic women and brown skinned, pacific women, like Hawaiian natives, are who I personally seem to find myself attracted to the most. After that is black and Asian women. Behind them is white women. I have no idea why.
Positive: 10 %

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