What vegatables do you like the taste of, and which ones do you eat because they're good for you?

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  • What vegatables do you like the taste of, and which ones do you eat because they're good for you?


Answer #1 | 06/08 2009 09:05
i really like celery becuase it can go alone or with different dips. but i eat califlowers because they are healthy for you and when you boil them they turn out softer than broccoli.
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Answer #2 | 06/08 2009 10:25
I like the taste of just about every veggie, and I don't eat the few I don't like.
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Answer #3 | 06/08 2009 13:08
Have you ever tried dehydrated vegetable chips served with your favorite dip? It is delicious. I especially like tomatoes chips. I make my dehydrated vegetables and vegetables chips mt myself. I learned it at Simply Living Smart and at Whole Health Gourmet. I am adding the site's address here for you. I eat these vegetables not just because they are good for me, but because they are delicious. I don't believe that our bodies benefit at all from things our palate considers not tasteful, because our minds and our bodies are connected, whatever the body doesn't like the body doesn't either, or doesn't need it for health. And besides I love to eat delicious things, and there are such a great variety of healthy delicious things to eat, why torment ourselves by eating things we don't like, just because someone says it is healthy, right? So healthy can be gourmet delicious at the same time. Check out these sites on my source here, I think you will love their ideas.
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Answer #4 | 06/08 2009 17:19
i love the taste of corn and black beans.
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Answer #5 | 06/08 2009 18:32
I like corn, potatos. peppers (green,red,yellow) banana peppers, lettuce I don't like spinach or brocoli or cauliflour
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