What does it mean to use clutch control to drive slowly or do manouveres?

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  • What does it mean to use clutch control to drive slowly or do manouveres?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 02:11
Hi ben it means what it says learn how to use the clutch pedal and balance it against the throttle pedal along with the hand and foot brake sometimes. it takes practice to learn.
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Answer #2 | 24/12 2013 15:00
To understand it properly you need to understand what a clutch does. When you completely press the clutch pedal, you disconnect the engine from the transmission, i.e. you can rev the engine as hard as you like and it won't drive the wheels. When you completely release the clutch pedal, you have a solid connection to the wheels, i.e. the harder you press the accelerator, the faster the wheels go and the less you press the accelerator, the slower the wheels go - in fact until you stall the engine. Pressing the clutch pedal in between fully in and fully out is called "slipping the clutch". It means that you can keep the accelerator pedal in one place and determine how much power gets to the wheels just by moving your foot on the clutch pedal. For instance on a hill you can learn how to keep the car in one position without using the brakes by letting the clutch slip. However - and it's a big however - you can easily burn out a clutch by doing too much clutch slipping, so you should only do it for a few seconds at the most.
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