Voting Question: Would changing my receiver improve sound quality?

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  • Voting Question: Would changing my receiver improve sound quality?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 13:18
Dude, that Aiwa is so NOT a receiver. It's a cheap shelf system. I should know, I had one which I used as a bedroom system following my divorce. But, once I was able to get proper audio gear to replace it, I did, and the difference in sound was quite noticeable. Next, Sony receivers are not very good. If your choices are the listed Sony and the listed Onkyo, it's a no brainer, go for the Onkyo. And, at a price of $319 for the Onkyo on Amazon, that's pretty inexpensive for a 7.2 receiver. But, at this point, I'd say that getting at least a quality set of 5.1 speakers (Or, 5.0, because you have a very good subwoofer already) is a higher priority than getting a second sub. Right now, there are some very good deals on on Polk speakers, which would be a good line of speakers to buy, as you already have one of their subs. Have a look there and see which ones would best suit your needs (Like size of room, etc.) and your budget. Right now, for example, until the 25th, you can get a Polk C25 center speaker, list price of $350, for $150, and with that, you'll get a $50 gift card, so your final out of pocket is $100. You can get a pair of bookshelf New Monitor 45Ts for $160, list price of $400.
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Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 14:38
The receiver is only part of the total sound you are going to get. Onkyo is one of the top brand for receiver from the entry level to the high end. Pioneer is the other receiver. I would reccommend you go to your nearest electronic store and see if they can set up the receiver with the polk audio speakers. Bring your own source of material for the demo. Listen to only one song on each speaker and let your own ears be the final judge. Personally I have never had any Sony product that have lasted me more than 3 years. This was the high end of Sony product, DVD player when they first came out model 7000 and the the 7700 both at $1,100 each and then the first HDTV 34" CRT for a price of $6.400. I have used Onkyo and Pioneer Elite receivers for well over 35 years and never had one issue. Hope this will help you out.
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