Voting Question: Serous question what if you owe a payday advance loan of $400 do they hold pack your taxes?

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  • Voting Question: Serous question what if you owe a payday advance loan of $400 do they hold pack your taxes?


Answer #1 | 10/12 2013 16:50
No, you get taxed on money you earn, not money you owe. A payday advance is still a loan that needs to be repaid with post-tax money.
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Answer #2 | 10/12 2013 17:35
No. They cannot intercept your taxes. They can get a judgment and have your paycheck garnished or your bank account levied.
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Answer #3 | 10/12 2013 18:37
Private lenders can't attach your tax refund
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Answer #4 | 10/12 2013 19:04
if you ask for a payday advance of $400, they won't withhold any taxes but when you get paid and pay back the loan you probably will have a VERY small check
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Answer #5 | 10/12 2013 18:15
IF his was through a tax preparer that would be collecting the loan charges and all of the other fees through a Bank account for that purpose it could be delayed until they would finish with the processing of it and send on to you the remaining amount after the fact. Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 12/10/2013 Not through the REFUND OFFSET REFUND program that is used to collect some legally collectible government debts during the tax filing season for that purpose and time in your life.
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