there is really nothing more important than love?

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  • there is really nothing more important than love?


Answer #1 | 23/06 2006 09:34
Yes like air,water,shelter
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Answer #2 | 23/06 2006 09:34 and happiness are the main things in life! after that the rest shouldn't matter much!
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Answer #3 | 23/06 2006 09:34
True that!
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Answer #4 | 23/06 2006 09:34
Love is the basic human emotional need. just like food is the basic human physical need
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Answer #5 | 23/06 2006 09:34
nope nothing. Love makes the world go around.
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Answer #6 | 23/06 2006 09:34
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Answer #7 | 23/06 2006 09:34
well if u have a job but it isnt really soooo ur right their is nottin more than love love is strong and if somtin is besides ur family its not love !!!
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Answer #8 | 23/06 2006 09:34
your prolly rite cuz everyone needs love not like realtionship love but like family love and friendship love and if no one had that they would be lost and they would be lonely and alone! and then they would probably just want to give up on life!
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Answer #9 | 23/06 2006 09:34
Is this a question?
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Answer #10 | 23/06 2006 09:35
well, it depends who you are. i think it is important. but, what is love without, love can last through death, so, i aggree, nothing is more important
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Answer #11 | 23/06 2006 09:35
If that is your question, than no, I don't think there is anything more important.
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Answer #12 | 23/06 2006 09:36
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Answer #13 | 23/06 2006 09:36
There is such a thing as a hierarchy of needs, the basis of which is basic survival needs. If I remember correctly, love and acceptance are among the last things we need as far as survival in itself is concerned. But hey, cake doesn't NEED icing, but it's a sweet little extra, wouldn't you say?
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Answer #14 | 23/06 2006 09:42
that varies widely from person to person, culture to culture. i suppose if it is a pure love, untainted by all the evils of the a mother's love for her child, the love one has for a pet, first love, etc, there really is nothing more important. where would any of us be if someone hadn't loved us along the way? and how empty and lonesome would all our lives be without knowing the joy of loving someone else? can you think of anything more important? i'd love to know what it is!
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Answer #15 | 23/06 2006 13:12
Hi there, Yes, love is an important thing, especially when you're in love. Those feelings of happiness make you feel like your floating on air. Unfortunately love doesn't feed a rumbly belly or put a roof over your head or clothe you or many of the other essential things in life we need. Enjoy your experiences of love but put it in perspective and enjoy yourself.
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Answer #16 | 23/06 2006 15:17
no, life (as in being a happy person) comes b4 luv
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Answer #17 | 25/06 2006 18:12
life, health and happiness are the most important things for me. you can have them without love. But if you are talking about love in general, you can have it with friends and close family
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Answer #18 | 26/06 2006 08:21
well, discluding all of the air and stuff that we really need... love is definatly the next most important thing. Why? Are you in love? I think I am...
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Answer #19 | 28/06 2006 00:58
There is something... Your soul. There's no love without soul.
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