Tell meaning for malavya maha purush yog in astrology?

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  • Tell meaning for malavya maha purush yog in astrology?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 02:45
malavya yoga - venus should be in its own houses or in exaltation and also it should be in kendra to lagna that is in lagna itself or in 4,7, or 10 . panch maha purush yogas are 5 very important yogas which play vital role in horoscopes the rules are same like in own house or in exaltation and in kendra to lagna mars -ruchaka (bravery) mercury bhadra (gentleman) hamsa (purity of mind) malavya and sasha yogas are panch maha purush yogas , they depend upon mars mercury jupiter venus and sani respectively malavya yoga- the horoscope owner should be beautiful , rich have multivehicle facilities good spouse are some of the important factors . then it will continue to so many other items which are subject so many terms and conditions
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... positive or negative.There are various yogas in Indian Astrology. ... in Vedic Astrology. This yoga is based on the ... Shrivinayaka Astrology.
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Hans Yog , Palmistry ... Home > Society > Astrology ... this combination is auspicious due to the Jupiter and it is considered one of the 'Panch Maha ...
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Though the literal meaning of word Yoga is Union of planets but in Vedic Astrology the word Yoga is attributed ... Maha means Great & Mighty. Purush means ...
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