should i dye my hair yellow or white?

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  • should i dye my hair yellow or white?


Answer #1 | 25/07 2009 19:19
Daym this is hard. Beat it maybe?
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Answer #2 | 25/07 2009 19:21
Man in the mirror, I can't ever get tired of that song on repeat <3
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Answer #3 | 25/07 2009 19:22
Had to?? I DO! Lol...there are a few I listen to everyday. There's a bunch of MJ in my iTunes, so it's pretty unavoidable lol. But I'd say...Scream! I get angry a lot these days.
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Answer #4 | 25/07 2009 19:23
jeez thats hard! umm i guess She's Out Of My Life that's what i listen to right before i go to bed =D
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Answer #5 | 25/07 2009 19:23
Man in the Mirror or Thriller. maybe u can answer mine too ... ?;_ylt=Ak9OXrQ7Zwk0. LkS.tbgGqLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090725191619AAu6Yg8
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Answer #6 | 25/07 2009 19:26
lol yellow or white! umm they don't care about us "cus of my mood" im not mad or anything but thats just what i feel like all last week i only felt like hearing "baby be mine" and be4 that it was "scream" but my fave song is "you rock my world"
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Answer #7 | 25/07 2009 19:26
I would just combine all of his songs into one. =)
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Answer #8 | 25/07 2009 19:26
I haven't gone a day without listening to one of his songs since June 25th. I listen to about 15 a day. But my answer to the question is...hmmm This is hard. I'll just say Smooth Criminal
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Answer #9 | 25/07 2009 19:27
Human Nature, it leaves me yearning very much. I listen to that every night to make myself go to sleep. R.I.P. MJ gone to soon
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Answer #10 | 25/07 2009 19:29
Beat it or Smooth criminal, something that makes me feel like I'm cool. lol
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Answer #11 | 25/07 2009 19:32
i would say Human Nature too cuz i listen to it before i got to sleep to...and i fall asleep wit that song....its such a beautiful song and its soo deep...i also would listen to Rock With You but Human Nature is that song
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Answer #12 | 25/07 2009 19:38
I would say Liberian Girl or Lady of my Life..if I have to listen to it the rest of my life then I want him serenading!
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Answer #13 | 25/07 2009 21:12
This is a hard question. Do we really have to pick one. Well i'll say I Can't Help It
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Answer #14 | 26/07 2009 04:48
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Answer #15 | 26/07 2009 09:51
Dye it both colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It'd probably be either Wanna Be Startin Somethin, Black or White, or Human Nature. I think out of those three, I'd pick Wanna Be Startin Somethin, DEFINITELY!!!
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Answer #16 | 27/07 2009 09:57
christana u r so weired but watever and h=gust wat i bought all my clothing for back to school it was so fun i just need to bye my suppiles
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