Please help ... I need to reduce my belly fat naturally without excersising.?

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  • Please help ... I need to reduce my belly fat naturally without excersising.?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 05:15
I don't know where you are getting your information from but it is definitely wrong. You could change your diet, that would be a good start, but exercise is the way to go. You don't have to go full on gym rat to be in good shape. Brisk walking, light jogging or doing the stairs as you suggested will help dramatically. Don't buy into the hype of pills, lotions and miracle diets...they don't work. Anyone you see on television, in a magazine or in person that has a 6 pack or slim waist didn't get that way without exercise and eating right.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 05:45
well u need to cut calories in half drink lots of warm water lots of green tea give up carbs an sugars once a week only cheat take cla supplement
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 06:04
Drink lemon mixed with water . Add in equal proportions .. Keep drinking this lemon water solution and you will see great results ... its all natural
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Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 22:18
I think you need a goo diet plan...................
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Answer #5 | 24/12 2013 00:07
try suriya namaskar excercises
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Answer #6 | 24/12 2013 06:14
Don't be so lazy, exercising increases your lifespan and over-all health
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