Peugeot 206 Loud screeching noise?

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  • Peugeot 206 Loud screeching noise?


Answer #1 | 13/11 2013 13:51
It's the belt...pumps don't "scream" unless it is their final gasp....look at it and see if it is all tatty...if not, you may just be able to tighten it up... ring_pump_peugeot_206
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Answer #2 | 13/11 2013 15:33
Modern ribbed drive belts very rarely screech when they're slipping, it's far more likely to be a failing water pump or alternator, or possibly PAS pump/AC compressor if it has one.
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Answer #3 | 14/11 2013 04:25
Definitely check the steering oil level
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Answer #4 | 15/11 2013 06:39
Check the belts for looseness. Tensioning them may improve the situation for now. Maybe there is nothing wrong with the steering pump. Regards.
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Answer #5 | 13/11 2013 13:57
there are a few things that can cause such noises and go away when revving higher. belt squeal .worn belt tensioner bearings and water pump bearing or even .loose belts. power steering is unlikely though not impossible. remove belt and start engine. noise ought to be gone as we rev it . replace belt after checking tensioner pulley is not badly worn ( wobbles / turns with vibration/uneven etc ) with belt fitted ( or even before removing for noise test) spray WD40 on drive belts as it idles.. rev engine. if no noise? then belt is at fault and needs replacing ( always renew tensioner pullet at same time) if noise continues.. it is very likely worn water pump bearings .check for leaks under pump eg anti-freeze staining.
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