my sister is the cosigner on car her ex took it he has no license how do I get it back?

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  • my sister is the cosigner on car her ex took it he has no license how do I get it back?


Answer #1 | 07/02 2014 04:20
Report it as stolen, say who's driving it and that they have no license and it would be good to have a full description, pictures, paperwork and license plate numbers/letters
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Answer #2 | 07/02 2014 04:21
^^^ Don't do this shiit. Filing a false report gets you in trouble. The car isn't stolen and the cops have better things to deal with. Be grown ups and work this out.
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Answer #3 | 07/02 2014 04:24
She a pimp
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Answer #4 | 07/02 2014 04:24
I agree with Brent. It doesn't matter if she is a consignor on the loan. What does matter is who is the vehicle registered to. If it is registered to her ex, he has every legal right to take possession of the vehicle. If he is driving it without a licence is another story... But this is between your sister and her ex. I suggest you support your family but don't get involved. If the split gets ugly, let the lawyers fight it out.
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Answer #5 | 07/02 2014 05:24
...and this iis why I would NEVER cosign on a loan for even my own kids....guess who is stuck with the payments...not the dead-beat that's for sure.
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