Math Problem for 8th Grade! help? :)?

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  • Math Problem for 8th Grade! help? :)?


Answer #1 | 09/08 2012 00:38
... If you know the formula, do it yourself. Don't be lazy because most of us already are.
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Answer #2 | 09/08 2012 00:38
a. 120km b. 1.67min
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Answer #3 | 09/08 2012 00:39
omg, its like one calculation AND you know the formula!!!!. Seriously??
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Answer #4 | 09/08 2012 00:41
do your own homework. this is easy, just re read your textbook and notes.
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Answer #5 | 09/08 2012 00:46
A) 20km B) 16 min.
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Answer #6 | 09/08 2012 00:48
How can you need help with that. You have all the formulaes to work out the answer, and the question would only take like a couple of mins to work out . Use your brain, thats why you have one xDDDDDDDDDDD
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Answer #7 | 09/08 2012 00:53
I will not answer this for you, but help by saying this: If you use the answer provided above by another poster then you will not be correct. Use your ratios. Yahoo answers will never get you the answers in time when you're tested, so learning to get the right answer on your own now is important. Start with your cities. If he goes 60 km/h then he goes 60 km in 60 minutes, right? Go from there. Ratio. Also, if he got there the first time in 20 minutes, but increased his speed by a fraction the second time, then his time would decrease by a fraction the second time. It's simple stuff, steered you in the right direction. You have the formulas right in front of you, and you could be done with this problem by now! Best of luck.
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