Is there a way I can make my own money?

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  • Is there a way I can make my own money?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 02:29
You Must trust me on this. If you do This, you WILL get work. If you truly want to get a job, it's time to Move. To one of the cities that are known for having alot of work for people. The town I grew up in had no work, it was so bad that the Employers would be very picky as to who they would hire since they could choose from so many out-of-work. So That made it even More difficult to get work as the one's who were hired had Much more experience than I. So I moved, to Alberta, Canada. If you go to a place like Edmonton, you will find that there is soo much work that it is YOU whom shall be able to be 'picky' with where to work! It's of course always a 'risk', to move, I moved with literally one 'back-pack' of clothes, a long-distance 'greyhound' bus-ticket and some Hope, and within 3 days of looking for work, I got hired in Alberta. I risked being Homeless, I risked everything, yet if you don't risk, you don't 'get'. Plan as well as you can of course, if you know anyone in the city you decide to move to, try and live with them till you can get 'on your feet', if not, contact the 'welfare' and tell them you won't be jobless long, and you will be 'homeless' and they should help, (even though they can be quite cold). NOTHING will Change Until YOU Change things. Trust me on this. LOCATION is EVERYTHING in life. I wish you well.
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Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 12:30
Start applying for jobs outside your sleepy and backward town and move as soon as you find one. Go for London, lots of jobs there, avoid Cornwall as it is useless for jobs, only rich and snotty people there.
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Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 02:16
It sounds like you don't have much job opportunities in your city , If this is indeed the situation - you should consider moving to a bigger city by yourself - I realize this is a big change but sometimes this is what you need to do. If you can deliver some kind of an online service like:advertising, graphic design, programming skills, translation, writing or SEO - you should check Fiverr. In this website you can post your service and the bid for this service - if you are good at what you do - you will get payed for doing what you love working from home- try it out. Another great source of income is affiliate programs : but you will need to sell products online, basically you are getting payed for every sell you make- this is a difficult path - but if you are a good salesman you will succeed. Best of luck
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