Is the quality of batteries going down or is somehing wrong with my computer?

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  • Is the quality of batteries going down or is somehing wrong with my computer?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 08:04
Rechargeable batteries do not last forever. It is also quite possible that the aftermarket battery you bought does not have the same capacity of the original.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 13:58
Even if the aftermarket batteries do fit the appropriate laptop, they are generally lower capacity. You are sacrificing something for the (usually) far cheaper price of the generic replacement. You might want to try calibrating the battery, see if that helps.You may need to find out any specific instructions for your brand of laptop. In short, you have to 'retrain' the battery to gain the 'lost capacity'. My 4 year old HP laptop had a new 'generic' battery in April 2013. I still get roughly the same battery life, as the HP original, but it cost me only 30% of what HP wanted for a new one.It's a trade-off. I bought mine on Amazon, from a respected retailer. I'd never buy anything similar on E-Bay to be honest. If your PC set up to minimise battery usage? Turn off Bluetooth etc, that sort of stuff?! How long have you used the battery? It can take a dozen or so charge/discharge cycles to get the chemical reaction fully working for the best battery life. Do you use the laptop plugged in thr mains all the time? Only charge when you need to, that has some effect on the battery life.
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