if ur on a date and much more cuter guys walk by but u like the 1 ur dateing what should u do?

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  • if ur on a date and much more cuter guys walk by but u like the 1 ur dateing what should u do?


Answer #1 | 25/07 2008 14:28
nothing, you are on a date, act like it
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Answer #2 | 25/07 2008 14:29
you should ignore the cuter guy because the guy that your with will get jealous.
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Answer #3 | 25/07 2008 14:29
maybe smile at the other guy, but continue to stay interested in your date
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Answer #4 | 25/07 2008 14:43
Treat the cuter guy the same way you would an ugly or normal looking guy or girl. Hint: If you're still in the giggly stage of checking out all the guys you see, you might not be ready to date anyone. You could still be, instinctively/ developementally, at the "looking and comparing" level, where you should be deciding what you like, and not trying to chose any one, or "playing the field." Instead of playing the field, try deciding what you like, then go on to chosing between the whos, if you haven't picked a single "who" by then. The goal, instinctively, is to find and secure one life partner, Your Husband, whom you can then give everything to.
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Answer #5 | 25/07 2008 14:44
Have enough respect for your date to focus on him! And grow up.
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Answer #6 | 25/07 2008 14:52
You continue with your date and ignore the cute guy.
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Answer #7 | 25/07 2008 14:57
nothing because you are already on a date with a cute guy
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Answer #8 | 25/07 2008 15:39
You should always treat someone the exact same way you would want to be treated... You wouldn't want a prettier girl to walk by and your date flirt with her.
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