i am stuck with this problem, can someone help me?

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  • i am stuck with this problem, can someone help me?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 23:51
y = √(x^2-1)/√(x-1) The rule is you can do any valid operation on both sides of an equation and it will still be equal. Multiply by √(x-1)/√(x-1) . A big part of math is pattern recognition. A lot of homework is just fighting with stuff so you will remember the pattern when you see it again. The most common pattern is (x + a) * (x + b) = x^2 + (a + b)x + ab and the special case (x + a) * (x - a) = x^2 - a^2. When you spot the pattern you can just write the answer from memory. y = √(x-1) * √(x^2-1)/(x-1) Separate √(x^2-1) into factors. y = √(x-1) * √(x-1) * √(x+1)/(x-1) y = √(x+1) <-- ANSWER
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