I am a new contact lens wearer with astigmatism and it's uncomfortable in one eye?

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  • I am a new contact lens wearer with astigmatism and it's uncomfortable in one eye?


Answer #1 | 21/12 2013 21:33
I know it is kind of hard to see with only one contact make sure that there is no tares or rips in the contact. also sometimes the solution they come in can irritate the eye because it has been in the package for a while so make sure to rinse it off well with your solution. if there is even the slightest piece of dirt and or sand in the contact or any foreign body it will feel like a rock in your eye. Also, in some astigmatism contacts there is a line that marks which way to put them in because they are weighted. Have you tried re-wetting your eye after the contact is in (multi-purpose solution)? If push comes to shove and nothing is working then maybe take out a new contact and try it. Sometimes you can just get a bad contact maybe it is warped slightly enough where it just doesn't want to sit right. if that is the case then let the place you got them from know sometimes they will replace a bad contact with a trial. make sure your hands are clean putting them in as well. Hope I helped.
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