how much would it cost to travel 160 miles in a diesel vw jetta?

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  • how much would it cost to travel 160 miles in a diesel vw jetta?


Answer #1 | 08/12 2013 14:23
It depends upon what costs you wish to include. A vehicle has operating costs including the fuel, maintenance and repairs. There are also what might be considered "fixed" costs that will not change no matter how much you use the vehicle. These include things like sales tax, registration and insurance. The fixed items and some of the maintenance costs can be prorated over their expected life. Most vehicles have costs of between $ .30 to about $ .90 per mile. This site suggests that the cost to own a Jetta is about $ .49 per mile. cost.html (.49 x 160 =) $78.40 The immediate fuel costs would include tolls on your proposed route, the cost of diesel fuel in your area and the mileage you will be getting. Mileage will be affected by the vehicle efficiency, tune, and how you drive it. The same site above estimates fuel costs will be about 25% of the overall cost or about $ .1225 / mile. This would give you a traveling expense of about $19.60 plus tolls.
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Answer #2 | 08/12 2013 14:44
Too much, stay home.
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