How does gravity relate to a stream ability to erode and deposit materials?

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  • How does gravity relate to a stream ability to erode and deposit materials?


ME | 12/04 2014 17:03
if a streams gradient (the measure of the change in elevation over a certain distance)is low, the stream or river will not move as rapidly. if it has a high gradient it will move rapidly. If the stream is steep then it will create more erosion because rocks at the bottom will go through a process called abrasion(when something hits another thing scraping each other and making them smooth). Then this eroded material or Load will be carried to a flood plain, delta, alluvial fan, or meander caused by deposition. alluvial fan- A fan shaped deposit that forms on dry land. Delta- Deposited loads on a fan shaped pattern leading out to a larger body of water. Floodplain- many layers of deposited sediment can form a flat area called a floodplain.
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Stream and river: Words to Know ... So does the Gulf Stream, ... it deposits as much material as it erodes. The stream meanders greatly in its nearly flat ...
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Chapter 3 Erosion and Deposition Changing Earth's Surface ... materials downhill. Gravity causes mass movement, ... Deposits by the River i. Erode outside ...
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