Hi, I'm new to this section. Who are the well know trolls to be aware of here?

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  • Hi, I'm new to this section. Who are the well know trolls to be aware of here?


Answer #1 | 04/04 2008 18:49
<~~~~~~~ At least I'm a somewhat attractive troll. My back isnt hairy, and I dont have warts.
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Answer #2 | 04/04 2008 18:53
you will know when you see them, they are green, sometimes they put mask on and they are pretty or handsome, so that we will be brain washed....
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Answer #3 | 04/04 2008 19:01
beware of anyone named McCain---they are breeding at an astonishing rate...
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Answer #4 | 04/04 2008 19:24
I didnt shave today, but I don't look TOO much like a troll.
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Answer #5 | 04/04 2008 19:59
it sure does have its fun parts enjoy it
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Answer #6 | 04/04 2008 20:03
Don't worry about the McCains, we've all been violated so many times we're starting to enjoy it. Only 8 violations? What a noob! If you're doubtful about someone, one of the tips is they're level one, no contacts, Q&A are private, no email or IM and usually just a silhouette. You can trust the McCains.
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Answer #7 | 05/04 2008 03:45
Judas Gualeguaychu
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Answer #8 | 05/04 2008 06:31
Trolls I see know trolls . Personally , I find most of them MUCH more amusing than the ones that never get VN.
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Answer #9 | 05/04 2008 11:56
Anyone who thinks I am not pregnant may be a troll, especially if they tell me that I am a guy. I know I am a guy! That doesn't mean I can't be pregnant. I suggest we set out a steak and kidney pie. It is a little known fact that trolls cannot resist a S&K pie. When they approach the windowsill where it is cooling we throw a net on them, cover them with meat tenderizer, and throw them to the seals. Those adorable, carnivorous, viscous, clapping, beach ball playing-with seals.
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Answer #10 | 05/04 2008 22:24
Trolls don't pay for their drinks: they're easy to spot!
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