HEEEY YAAA :) How has your year been? Sum it up, if you like :)?

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  • HEEEY YAAA :) How has your year been? Sum it up, if you like :)?


Answer #1 | 10/04 2012 17:25
whos chris
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Answer #2 | 10/04 2012 17:27
my year has been great! i met the man of my life and we are very happy together! i hope you are doing great as well! ive been on and off this site for about 6 years now! wow time flies!
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Answer #3 | 10/04 2012 17:27
BREEE :D I'm not bad. How're you? BQ: Lolll we have sooo many. Like HSF, Nikos, all the traveling days, all the e-weddings, stories, doodoo's randomness (before he got annoying), and now all our trolling:P (and the wikia!!) BQ1: I have no idea. I was wondering that too lol. Didn't he mention once he was looking for a job or starting one or something...? I don't remember. I guess he's busy XD BQ2: What happened to Habeebi? :O Have a nice day too B :) Ohhh yea we should troll in diff countries again! Loll B I still have school XD I get out in June. And yeaa May Not should post too:P Heyy nun!
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Answer #4 | 10/04 2012 17:49
I have cough =_=, but I'm recovering thanks to lemon with pure honey which I don't like. Blah~ D: BQ: I miss the old members having them around in the Horoscope Section. We used to ask interesting questions and answer them in a thoughtful way. People would join the conversation with other users to get to know each other....but now it seems like a joke, except for few. BQ1: Christ retired from this world and is taking a nice vacation at an unknown island with a fresh big drink. You could say he's watching us for his own entertainment. ;) BQ2: Joanna, Diablo, Ang3l, Sarah* (I don't see her anymore as much as I used to). And take it easy on your day, Bree. :D Make sure to bring me some cakes while you are out. :p
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