Does him putting kisses on the end of a message mean anything?

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  • Does him putting kisses on the end of a message mean anything?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 07:59
Honestly it could mean anything, it all depends on how close y'all are and if he feels like he has mutual feelings towards you, sending kissy faces could mean a large amount of things from, being cute, goving hints he likes you, or even just to be funny and flirtatious if you've told him that you really like him and he responded to that with a smiley face or kissy face, that probly means that he's really happy and excited that you like him because just doing that extra little thing means that he wants you to know, if you havnt told him how you feel, you need to! Express your feelings for him (not all at once, he'll be overwhelmed) but don't be afraid if rejection, the sooner you tell him the better, guys will get bored and lose interest if you don't pick up on his hints, I hope this helped and good luck!
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Hidden meening behind the amount of kisses at ... him) put 1 or 2 i wouldn't think anything of it ... if a guy doesn't put x's at the end of a message
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... we go out together pretty much everyweekend and kiss ... him you want to get married! If he does get ... the end of a message mean anything?"
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Is this the norm now to put x's on the end of messages to somebody's husband ? There's more to it but this in particular is irritating me and I'm having to ...
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Secret Message Kiss ... articulating the different types of kisses, ... coz it might just be a friendship kiss so I think it doesn’t mean anything. Reply.
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