Do you think that if Jim Morrison hadn't of made it as a musician, he would have made it as a poet?

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  • Do you think that if Jim Morrison hadn't of made it as a musician, he would have made it as a poet?


Answer #1 | 09/05 2009 17:11
Nope, because his poetry was horrible.
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Answer #2 | 09/05 2009 17:11
we dont talk with our mouths full
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Answer #3 | 09/05 2009 17:12
Poets never really make it until they're dead. You can be a gifted poet and published but most don't get much recognition or earn much money. He may have been a talented one though. Interesting question.
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Answer #4 | 09/05 2009 17:13
how many poets do you know of that have made it? no he wouldnt havefor that reason. now if he was born today he probably could because of the poetry jams , but he wouldnt have gotten as big
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Answer #5 | 09/05 2009 17:14
i dont think so, he formed the doors by accident, when one of his friends heard his poetry and recommended he formed a band and did something with his lyrics. although he knew he was a good poet, i dont think he was in the direction of wanting to become a well-famed poet. of course he was into poetry and thats how the doors music came about but he wasnt really pursuing that career
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Answer #6 | 10/05 2009 23:38
yes. He has some inspirational ones. He wasn't anything over the top or amazing(not hating) but he was there,the mannn. i thought about this once or twice like senior year of highschool.
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