Do girls like(are attracted to) 'physically strong muscular guys' who bully weak guys?

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  • Do girls like(are attracted to) 'physically strong muscular guys' who bully weak guys?


Answer #1 | 10/02 2014 06:05
Some are, but probably for the wrong reasons. However most girls aren't.
Positive: 66 %
Answer #2 | 10/02 2014 06:03
yea and then after years the bully takes the cake while the person who bullies gets a very low paying job and a wife who cheats on him.
Positive: 60 %
Answer #3 | 10/02 2014 06:02
Some no doubt are but not me. I prefer brains over muscle, brains are the future, muscles are from the past.
Positive: 40 %
Answer #4 | 10/02 2014 09:02
Honestly, 31% of women are attracted to "domminating bullies" bc they have a lot of power, but most girls hate that type of thing bc who wants to be with someone who hurts other people? I guess I like nice guys, even if thier muscualr or not, but if a muscular guy is a jerk then I'd NEVER like him. Then a non-muscular kind guys is 1000 times better. I guess you can say, mean people like mean people. So it doesn't really have anything to do with women generally, we all have different tastes, so yeah.. I hope this answeres your question, sorry if it didn't! C xx
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