DC: What do you think of this name ? ?

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  • DC: What do you think of this name ? ?


Answer #1 | 01/06 2010 11:44
Thats pretty! Boy? Fred. Yeah =DD wooo
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Answer #2 | 01/06 2010 11:45
I like it!
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Answer #3 | 01/06 2010 11:50
Narcissa for the last time, Who do you think is the father? Is it me or someone else? And yes i like the name you chose. Edit: chill i just wanted to know if the father is other than me or Lucius! i just want to know how many illegitimate offspring i have! So Cho is one and the other one is yet to be born!
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Answer #4 | 01/06 2010 12:23
I like the name. THe weddings are happening now and I only have 5 more minutes to be online! I have to log off soon! They better get on soon!
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Answer #5 | 01/06 2010 13:34
How about Dobby if its a boy? Dobby wants to feel special!
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Answer #6 | 01/06 2010 13:58
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Answer #7 | 01/06 2010 17:57
Lillith is a beautiful name!! I like it. Boy? Hmm.. How about Ryan (that's a common muggle name, but i kinda like it). Just a suggestion, it's really up to you. When are you going to give birth?
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