Can someone explain the Gog/Magog war to me?

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  • Can someone explain the Gog/Magog war to me?


Answer #1 | 06/02 2014 21:48
The prophet Ezekiel foresaw the final battle of God against man’s governments. In chapters 38 and 39 of his book, he describes God’s war against “Gog of the land of Magog.” (Ezekiel 38:2) This is widely recognized as a prophecy of the last days. A careful study of the Scriptures reveals that here “Gog” is a symbolic name for that same spirit rebel, Satan, who led Adam and Eve in a course of disobedience to God. The defeat of that spirit along with his forces, longtime enemies of God, is actually the initial part of the fulfillment of the original promise that the “seed” would, symbolically speaking, fatally bruise the “serpent,” Satan, in the head. (Genesis 3:15,)
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Answer #2 | 06/02 2014 21:35
Gog is jealous of the Ma
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Answer #3 | 06/02 2014 21:38
Good luck. Gog & Magog is one of the most esoteric concepts in the Bible. Possibly it was originally one of the nations that opposed Israel, maybe Lydia. At other times it seems to be referring to individuals. By the time Revelation was written it became the personification of the enemies of Israel. Scholars are still arguing about what it refers to.
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Answer #4 | 06/02 2014 22:04
Historical fact - its when all the nations of the world came against Israel in the crusades
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