Can anyone who has studied the subject tell me yes or no; do vitamin, iron etc supplements work or not?

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  • Can anyone who has studied the subject tell me yes or no; do vitamin, iron etc supplements work or not?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 04:57
Research shows that our body doesn't need to take vitamins, and some can even be harmful. Plus, if you're a guy, your body already has enough iron, and taking a pill for iron could be very dangerous.
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Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 05:09
Yes i can tell you from personal experience that they do work !.. i used to suffer from a racing heart, and heart palpitations, also i was very anemic and had no energy, and just felt so lethargic.. and my doctor put me on ferrous sulphate ( Iron Pills) 200mg per day, and vitamin B12 tablets too, and within a week my heart was back to normal, and soon after my energy levels were back to normal too !. also my son who is not a big fan of fresh fruit & veg takes multi vitamins & iron each day, and at his check up last month the doctor said he was a picture of health !!.
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Answer #3 | 19/12 2013 05:26
Define "work". They don't "give you energy", "boost your metabolism", "supercharge your immune system" or any of that rotgut. But they do provide chemicals your body might not otherwise obtain on a given day.
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Answer #4 | 19/12 2013 06:04
If Doc prescribe Vitamins iron supplements then of course you can take.But then he must have done tests to find out whether you need Vitamins and Iron supplements.Self medication is harmful even it is going to be Vitamins or iron supplements.
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Answer #5 | 19/12 2013 15:09
It actually depends on what color the circles are. Yellow/brown is indicative of liver or kidney problems. Blue can show an iron deficiency and is usually accompanied by fatigue. Milk thistle is the best remedy for liver problems, burdock for the kidneys. The best remedy for blue circles is a Tissue Salt called Ferrum Phos.
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